Program Offerings

Kyniska offers a variety of programs to meet the needs and goals of all players regardless of skill or age.

AAU Teams

Kyniska provides opportunities for girls in grades 4-11 to tryout for grade-based travel basketball teams that compete against other teams across the the country in the Amateur Athletic Union. Players are not limited by township or county, the only rule is that they must live in a state adjoining Pennsylvania in order to play for Kyniska. Our teams normally travel to tournaments within a half hour to an hour drive, although we also do an overnight tournament per year. Higher level teams participate in college exposure events and do more travel. Teams practice twice per week for two hours each. We select teams of ten girls only and guarantee a minimum playing time of one quarter per game. Kyniska focuses on fundamental development, positive coaching, and taking the time to help every player improve. If your daughter is serious about basketball, she might want to consider trying out for Kyniska. Register for tryouts online – they begin in early January!


Kickstart is an 8 session training program for girls in grades 2-6. We will accept the first 20 players to register and divide them into two groups based on a combination of grade and skill level. Please forward this email to anyone you know who may be interested!

The Kickstart Program is an introduction to AAU basketball for younger players who are not yet ready either for the commitment or AAU level of play. Practices will be structured and intense, but also fun, to keep your child engaged, learning and developing her love of the game. Sessions will be 1.5 hours long and will consist of about 50 minutes of skills and drills and 40 minutes of scrimmage/competition. Over the course of the program, Kickstart players will build confidence in fundamental skills, including shooting, ball-handling, passing, and defense. They will be taught the basics of both player-to-player and various zone defenses, as well as how to break a press, set a screen, make cuts, run a play, box out, rebound, and other concepts including transition offense and defense, trapping, and post play.

Summer Camp

Kyniska Hoops is an AAU basketball program with a reputation for developing fundamentally strong players in a positive environment. Last year we took a step beyond AAU to create our developmental program, KickStart, which has been immensely popular and SOLD OUT for 5 straight sessions.

Kyniska Camps aim to take our teaching to another level and demonstrate what we can do in a concentrated period of time, with a focused group of players and staff. As coaches we often feel limited by the mere four hours per week we get with our AAU players and only 15 hours total per session with KickStart. We are excited to see what kind of impact we can make upon our summer campers who will have 9-3 pm each day for a total of 30 hours of Kyniska basketball in a one week span!


Kyniska offers workouts to meet the needs of players of all age and skill. We focus on fundamentals, competition, and preparing our players for the school season. Our workouts are a great way to help get prepared for CYO, Middle School, High School, and AAU tryouts.

Workouts typically take place in the Fall.

College Recruiting

Kyniska now offers a program for student-athletes who have an interest in playing a sport at the collegiate level. The range of talent across the three division levels will vary. For example, during the 2013-14 school year a little over 7% of high school athletes (about 1 in 14) went on to play a varsity sport in college, and about 2% of high school student-athletes (1 in 50) went on to play at the NCAA Division I level.  Through this program, Kyniska players will gain an awareness of the recruiting process from all three division levels, tips on how to interacting with college coaches, NCAA Freshmen Eligibility Requirements, and much more.

Fit is the most important concept in this whole process of researching colleges such as size, location, academic programs, residence life, career services, and of course, the social life on a college campus. If you have a desire to play a sport in college, there are added components to consider while conducting your college search. Figuring out where you fit can be challenging academically and athletically. What level can I play at the collegiate level? Do I want to play after high school? What are the demands of student-athletes at the collegiate level? These are all legitimate questions students and parents have when considering if playing a sport in college should be an option.