If you accept a spot on any team, we expect you to be fully committed. However, if you believe you have a conflict, please speak with us about it. Do not assume the worst before discussing the details with a Director.


August 2019: High school tryout registration opens.

September 2019: Tryout registration open for 4th-8th grades & workouts for all age groups.

October 2019: 8th Grade & High school tryouts begin, high school roster invites, elementary and middle school workouts.

January 2020: Tryouts for 4th-7th grade, uniform night.

Early-Mid February 2020: 8th Grade & High school teams begin Sunday practices.

Last week of February/First Week of March 2020: 4th-8th grade teams begin practice (twice per week for 2 hours each).

Late March/Early April 2020: First tournament, usually 2 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday or 3 games played on either Saturday or Sunday; older teams attend NCAA certified exposure period events.

Late April 2020: First NCAA exposure weekend for 8th grade, high school, and possibly 7th grade.

Mid May 2020: Second NCAA exposure weekend for 8th grade, high school, and possibly 7th grade.

Late May/Early June 2020: Final tournaments for younger teams and some second teams.

Mid June 2020:  Final tournaments for any younger teams or second teams still playing.

Early July 2020: Players from 8th grade through high school and possibly 7th grade participate in the 3rd period NCAA certified exposure tournaments.  Possible locations include but are not limited to: Louisville, Indianapolis, Chicago, North Jersey, Lancaster, King of Prussia, Philadelphia, and New York City.

Late July 2020: White Team and possibly other high school teams and 8th grade continues NCAA certified exposure tournaments and national showcases. Typically our teams who are still playing in late July enter the USJN National Championship in Washington DC with the possibility of the Nike National Championship in Atlanta. 


We strive to have most schedules completed (or nearly completed) by tryouts in order to give parents a better idea of the commitment required by each team. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the schedule will not change. Sometimes, although rarely, a tournament may be cancelled or the team may decide for other reasons to change a weekend or location.


4th Grade: 5 (~20 Games)
5th Grade: 6 (~24 Games)
6th Grade: 6-7 (~24-28 Games)
7th Grade: 7-8 (~28-35 Games, may include travel for college exposure tournaments)
8th Grade: 8-9 (~32-40 Games, may include travel for college exposure tournaments)

HS Purple: 8-9 (~32-40 Games, may include travel for college exposure tournaments)

HS Silver:  9-10 (~35-42 Games, may include travel for college exposure tournaments)

HS White: 9-10 (~35-42 Games, may include travel for college exposure tournaments)

Second Teams: 5 (~20 Games)

Most teams elect to do more than the five or six tournaments included in Kyniska costs. Tournaments average about $40-$50 per player; Exposure tournaments are often more expensive and sometimes include more games.


Parents often ask what days their child's practices will be on. Sometimes we have a general idea of what days are best for each coach, but we cannot guarantee anything in advance. We will not switch a team's practice days or locations due to the schedule of any particular player. Since our coaches are all volunteers, we are primarily concerned with accommodating their schedules. Also, sometimes gyms have black out dates and cancellations that may cause variations in times or days of the week.


Practice slots typically are 6:00-8:00, 6:30-8:30, and 7:30-9:30. Younger teams will always practice in the 6:00-8:00 or 6:30-8:30 time slots.


AAU is an organization that allows the best of the best to compete against each other. Travel is necessary in order to achieve this objective. We are lucky to have a number of tournaments within an hour’s drive of the greater Philadelphia area, but our teams do sometimes participate in tournaments that are in excess of an hour away. Many teams choose to participate in some longer distance overnight tournaments as well.

Some travel to practice is also expected. While one practice location may be much closer to you than another, we will not move locations for any particular player or group of players. Again, we defer to the needs of our coaches and to gym availability.


Kyniska, like other AAU organizations, is an club comprised of select teams made up of the best players who try out. Our expectation is that they will be fully committed to their team and to improving. This means being on time for practices and games, participating fully and respectfully, supporting teammates, adhering to the Code of Conduct, and attending all practices and games. We recognize that some conflicts are unavoidable and excusable, such as family or religious commitments or illnesses. However, conflicts proposed by another sport are not acceptable reasons to miss practices or games and cannot be tolerated. Violations of our attendance policy will result in loss of starting spot and/or reduction of playing time below the quarter minimum.