Kyniska Guidelines

Kyniska coaches and players will adhere to the following guidelines to successfully run a safe and socially distanced skill development session:


1-Players will only be permitted to enter the practice 5 minutes before their scheduled practice session. If they arrive early, they must wait in their car until the appropriate time to enter the practice area.


2-Players should arrive in their basketball gear and shoes and leave in their basketball gear and shoes. Players will not be given time to change shoes at the practice session, so leave the slides in the car and apply/remove any braces or protective equipment in the car.


3-Players must leave the practice session area immediately at the completion of any practice session.


4-Parents/spectators will not be allowed in the practice session area at any time (if we are outside, parents may watch from a distance).


5-All doors to the facility will be propped open or managed by a Kyniska staff member to limit contact with surfaces.


6-Players will have their temperature checked upon arrival (outside of the practice session area) and will not be permitted to enter should they show signs of a fever of over 99 degrees.


7-Restroom breaks will be limited to one player at a time. 


8-Parents will complete a weekly health survey in order for their child to be eligible for practice that given week.


9-Players should bring their own water bottles (already filled). Use of the water fountains will be prohibited.


10-Kyniska players will be expected to remain masked throughout the entire practice.


11-Kyniska staff will be wearing masks throughout the practice.  Anyone entering the practice session area must do the same.


12-Kyniska staff will keep players as spread out as possible during the course of practice, especially during skill development drills.

13-Kyniska staff will always have extra masks at practices and tournaments.


14- Any player or coach experiencing any symptoms of a fever (100.4°F or higher), recent cough, unusual fatigue, headache, or has had any exposure to someone who has any symptoms, (which includes family and friends) should remain at home and seek medical treatment. If any player or coach does have a fever or symptoms of illnesses, they may not attend a practice session until 14 days after the fever or symptoms have ceased.  Players and coaches must see a physician and be cleared for training after being diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19. 


15-If a player tests positive for COVID-19, they must quarantine for 14 days.


16-For us all to stay healthy and be able to keep playing, we ask our players to practice responsible social distancing when they are away from the court as well.


17-Players and families who travel by air, or to an area deemed high risk by the coaching staff, will need to self-isolate for 14 days before returning to practice sessions.


18-Staff will limit sharing equipment as much as possible and sanitize shared equipment prior to being used by someone else whenever possible.

19-Players should keep track of and use the same basketballs throughout the practice.


20-All players will be expected to wash or sanitize their hands before and after practice.


Should we have a positive test for COVID-19, all Kyniska programming will be suspended for a minimum of 14 days. In addition, the player who tested positive should notify the Kyniska directors immediately. The players and coaches who attended the same practice sessions as that athlete within a range of 14 days will be expected to self-quarantine for 14 days and receive a negative COVID-19 test prior to returning to skill development sessions. 

A substitution system has been created for coaches, should anyone be exposed, infected or need to quarantine. We notify all parents of potentially exposed children even if they have only been exposed to an individual who may have been exposed and is not positive for Covid 19. We take transparency in this matter very seriously and likewise, we would share this information with our rental space as well. 

Parents are required to do a symptom check of their children before every practice and notify us if their child or anyone in the household has been exposed. Then they must sit out the quarantine period or return a negative test result with no symptoms present after a period of 10 days.